District 5370 Charitable Foundation
Imagine some of the benefits to your Rotary Club:

  • Your Rotary Club can provide tax receipts for cash donations and as a result your Club may attract larger and more frequent donations.
  • For instance, if a member passes away, the family can request that a donation be made to your Rotary Club In Lieu of Flowers. The Edmonton West Rotary Club awards three bursaries a year at the University of Alberta that started from this idea.
  • A number of Rotary Clubs in the District have events like paddles, walks, rides, runs, etc., where participants (many of whom are not Rotarians) raise money to participate in the event. The efforts of the participants are aided by their ability to offer tax receipts for donations. These tax receipts are provided by the District Foundation.

    The money raised is then used to fund your Club's projects that meet charitable giving guidelines published by CRA.

    When your Club is planning a fundraising event, it is recommended that you contact the District Charitable Foundation to discuss your intentions as the CRA has strict rules that must be followed. Yet operating within the rules, there are still many imaginative ways your Rotary Club can benefit from being able to offer tax receipts as part of your fundraising activities as a Club. Imagine the possibilities.