Rotary Youth Leadership Awards

This amazing youth program led by youth is a day for learning, growth and leadership! Support our youth!

The Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) Institute brings Interact Club executives from across District 5370 together for a one day developmental conference packed with workshops and speakers intended to empower confidence and teach vital skills required by those stepping into leadership positions in their clubs.

The programming of the conference is designed to develop the specific skills these young leaders will need to be successful in the context of an Interact club spanning personal, club, and community development. In the past these have included workshops on budgeting, project planning, club dynamics, communication, and conflict management skills to name a few. The conference also invites two keynote speakers each year to speak on topics surrounding Rotary, Leadership, and Community.

One of the most promising aspects of the conference is that it allows for students in Interact clubs across the District to meet and share ideas and strategies and build relations with one another. These connections allow Interact Clubs to not only be exposed to new ideas and learn from one another’s experience, but to promote cooperation and support between clubs throughout the year.

Here is on line link for registration:

Please find attached the poster, the delegate package, club sponsor form and registration/payment form for advisors who wish to attend. Yes, all are included in the delegate package however there still seems to be confusion as to how to submit payment and/or register for the observer portion. 

I realize that everyone is very busy however could I ask that this be updated as soon as possible? I would be very grateful and so would Katie! 

Thanks so much! And the contact is no longer Darren Chin. It is Katie MacLean. Please make sure this is included and use the RYLA email that is already on the page. 

I have also attached our one page summary of dates for RYLE and RYPEN. If that could be updated, that would be great too. More to come for sure as we work together to make our youth programs successful this year. 





Tamara C. Larson BA MA

President, Rotary Club of Edmonton Whyte Avenue

Rotary District 5370 Youth Services Chair

Learning Management and Business Development

Phone (587) 783-8880