December 10 meeting
Arch C. Klumpf, while a member of the Cleveland, OH Rotary Club, became the sixth president of the  national Rotary organization in 1916-17. At the national convention in 1917 he eloquently promoted the idea of "endowments for the purpose of doing good in the world." 
 Soon thereafter The Rotary Foundation was born. Today the Foundation and Rotary clubs throughout the world embrace and support the programs of basic education and literacy, maternal and child health, peace and conflict prevention/resolution, disease prevention and treatment, water and sanitation, and economic and community developments. Due to its consistent annual support of the Foundation, the Orrville club has received financial grants in support of its various local and international projects. Rotarian Lynn Horner, the club's Rotary Foundation chair, presented today's program and shared a video detailing the operation, guidelines and function of The Rotary Foundation.  Following Horner's presentation and thanks to the ingenuity and resourcefulness of club member Amberly Wolf who created and emceed a unique interactive game of Rotary Holiday Jeopardy. To accumulate points, members chose from holiday-themed categories of movies, international, songs, trivia, or food. At the end of spirited exchanges, Rotarians at the winning table had amassed (according to them) a "million billion" points. There was no second place finisher. Game over. Meeting adjourned!
Submitted by Orrville Rotary Club (Wilma Raynor)
PHOTO:  Club members Amberly Wolf, Holiday Trivia Jeopardy game creator; Lynn Horner, local Rotary Foundation chairperson.