The reunions languished, forlorn and forgotten, for thirty years until Orrville Rotary Club resurrected the yearly tradition of the Tri-Club Outing, bringing together members of the city's three active service clubs
 for a gathering at Orrville Rotary's pavilion at Orr Park. In lieu of Rotary's regular luncheon meeting, perfect weather brought together like-minded Exchangeites, Lions, Rotarians and guests who gathered to share their carry-in dishes.  The hearty meal was punctuated with lively conversation and recollections, friendships, camaraderie and decades of unselfish service to the Orrville community and elsewhere.  Representatives of each club shared its history, fundraising initiatives, activity highlights and ongoing projects. Donna Dale Davis surprised the assembly by honoring her husband, Exchangeite Jim Davis, on the occasion of his 89th birthday and provided a birthday cake, cupcakes and a rousing assembly chorus of "Happy Birthday To You". The 2020 Tri-Club Outing will be hosted by Orrville Exchange Club, followed by the Lions Club in 2021 as the renewed enthusiastic tradition moves forward once again. Rotarian Susan Tucker was responsible for collaborating the evening's successful event.
Exchange Club president Scott Gold, Lions Club president Maria Galan, and Rotary president-elect Dave McPeek signify "all in" for future Tri-Club Outings.
An attentive crowd listens to club presentations.
Orrville Rotary Club
(Wilma Raynor)