Sharing an important initiative of Ohio's Hospice LifeCare serving Wayne, Medina, Holmes and Wayne counties, presenter Dave Hargrave explored and explained the paths to healing of the loss of a loved one.
Hargrave, a bereavement counseling specialist with LifeCare Hospice, defined grief as the natural human response to loss and the importance of processing grief in a healthy way. Hargrave encourages friends and family members of the grieving to listed  with a "non-judgmental ear" while allowing the individual to freely talk about his/her loss and experiences.  Noting that there are 82 different grief symptoms, LifeCare Hospice's grief support services' Pathways of Hope offers many informational and educational materials to provide direction and hope in the journey through loss, including for children who struggle  with the challenges of grief and loss in their own lives.  For further information visit  Our thanks to Rotarian Sarah Ecker for arranging for Mr. Hargraves' presentation.