Dr, Shruti Trehan with Orrville Rotarian Lynn Horner,
who arranged for and introduced the speaker.
November 26 meeting
Since the earliest description of cancer in Egyptian papyrus circa 1600 BC we have gained a deeper understanding of cancer, this according to meeting presenter Dr. Shruti Trehan MD, oncologist and Medical Director, Research Aultman Center of Excellence LLC. Speaker Trehan, speaking on the topic of Cancer Advances 2019 reported that  the latest statistics show that death rates from all types of cancer have decreased 25% over the last 25 years. 
With many forms of cancer and recent advances in cancer treatments, Dr. Trehan cited immuniotherapy  as the latest and greatest advances in the treatment of cancer. As an oncologist who spends her days (and nights) living, breathing, thinking about and treating cancer, Dr, Trehan practices and advocates the following protocol for the public to adopt to fight cancer:  a plant-based diet, exercise and maintain weight, caffeine, cancer screening tests (PAP, mammography, colonoscopy), and no smoking.  Guests in attendance included Dr. Achal Vaidya, rheumatologist and husband of speaker; Dr. Meena Patel, Jackwon Township Rotarian and former Rotary District 6650 governor; Wooster Rotarian Beth Weaver; and prospective Orrville Rotarian Beth Fuller.