New Member Spotlight: + Meet Steve Lorson!
Name:  Steve Lorson
Place of employment:  Lorson Financial LLC
Position:  Financial Advisor
Why did you choose this profession?  I enjoy analyzing situations, not just numbers.  The financial advisory business allows me to see a new situation every time with different data and different personal circumstances. It is never the same and never gets stale.
What is most rewarding about your job?  When someone has a "stretch" goal and  they are absolutely adamant about reaching it.....then they do!
What is most difficult about your job?  Failure is difficult and frequent in the personal financial world.  Not everyone is successful in planning or implementing their financial life.
Family:  Christina (wife), Luke (12), Olivia (10), Jacob (6)
Pets:  John (cat-2yrs) & Rae Lynn (Aussidoodle (4 months)
Favorite movie:  Braveheart
Hobbies/Interests: Golf, camping, youth sports and community activities
Favorite quote:  "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take."  Wayne Gretsky
Favorite Book:  I am that strange person who has always enjoyed "The Wealth of Nations".
Why did you join Orrville Rotary?  #1 - Great community partner with ongoing activity. Members are caring, thoughtful and progressive. #2 - Who could deny  (the invitation of) Jason Groh and Justin Haislip?