Today's presenter, Loni Weaver, was inducted into Orrville Rotary membership not long before COVID-19 protocols suspended in-person gatherings.  With no meetings subsequently being held and then via ZOOM, members now gratefully assemble at Orrville Public Library's community room.  Not previously having an opportunity to become acquainted with this recent addition to our local Rotary family, Loni gave Rotarians a charming and unique retrospective of her family, career, interests and charitable affiliations via a "Truth or Lie" written quiz.  EXAMPLES of TRUTH OR LIE:  Loni collects pigs/In 2020 Loni started Operation Christmas at Shady Lawn Nursing Home in Dalton/Loni has been with Edward Jones since 2006/In 1934 you invested $1,000 in an income earning mutual fund. Today you'd be worth $19 million/When Loni started college her goal was to become a teacher/. Answers and explanations from Loni evoked surprise and laughter from Rotarians who appreciated her candor and humor as she gifted participants with $100,000 candy bars at the end of her presentation. In other business it was announced that the club sent recognition to Bill and Dorothy Shoup in honor of their 64th wedding anniversary, also thanking the couple and their extended family for their decades of  unwavering generosity  in supporting Orrville Rotary Club's pancake day fundraisers.