Jack Runion and Diane Wallace, partner in Malvern, Ohio's US Sewing Shack presented a program about the flag project.  
Following a serendipitous encounter and conversation between Orrville Rotarian Jack Runion and Wooster Rotarian Ted Crawford at a CAMO fundraiser in 2012, a resulting seed was planted that has since grown into Orrville Rotary's largest and most profitable fundraiser. Under the generous and expert tutelage of Crawford, the Orrville Rotary Parade of Flags initiative will enter its tenth year of subscription services, currently serving 600 patrons. Runion, today's presenter having served at the helm of the flag project until very recently, exhibited and explained the unique yet cumbersome locally produced tools used to facilitate the inground installation of supports to hold lengthy flagpoles in place. Runion generously thanked  local businesses for their ongoing support in providing crucial components for the overall flag hardware.  To accomplish such a vast patriotic undertaking four times a year in observance of five holidays (Memorial, 4th of July, Patriots, Flag and Veterans Days) teams are assigned one of seven routes with 65-49 addresses for flag subscribers. (NOTE:  Runion noted that that the street in Orrville with the most residential Rotary flags in Crownhill Road.) Throughout Rotary's flag project and adamantly requiring that all flags be made in the USA, Runion introduced Diane Wallace, partner in Malvern Ohio's U.S. Sewing Shack and supplies the club's flags. Wallace exhibited numerous patriotic produced by the company, stating that all products and components are proudly made in the USA.  For Rotary flag subscription, volunteer opportunities or membership, find the appropriate links at orrvillerotary.org.