Presenter Trevor Hunt, Director of Wayne County Planning Commission, gave attendees an inside look at our county's recently approved Comprehensive Plan, a long-term guide that among other things expresses the values and ambitions of a community.
Also serving as a vision statement about the future condition of our county, among other objectives, serves as a tool to measure progress on a goal which embraces the area's people, place and prosperity. The Plan, though not legally binding, outlines goals and aspirations, reflects the values of the community, preserves what is special about the county and develops a visionary yet achievable plan to guide Wayne County for the next twenty years. Current impressive statistics shared by Mr. Hunt included: Since 2010 Wayne County's population has increased just over one percent; there are 250,000 acres of prime farmland; and Wayne County ranks fifth in the United States economic strength among U.S. micropolitan areas and ranks first in the State of Ohio. To review the Plan in its entirety, long on to
Prior to the Program, Orrville Rotary Club was excited to induct Beth Fuller, Orrville Salvation Army's new executive director, as its newest member!
Meeting presenter Trevor Hunt with Rotarian Becky Jewell who secured and introduced the speaker.
Club president James Carpenter presented new member materials to Beth Fuller posing with her proposer/mentor Rotarian Sarah Ecker.
SUBMITTED BY Orrville Rotary Club (Wilma Raynor).