Life changing conversations over a beer?  
Life changing conversations over a beer?  What if the answers to all of  life's problems could be found at the bottom of your next beer? Program presenter Joe Franz, an ordained pastor, addresses these questions as the club's weekly meeting. Currently engaged as a BrewPastor, Franz grew up in a traditional church family and functioning through years often following personal and workforce challenges. and setbacks.  Having observed that many individuals have not found value in the traditional church and, prior to the pandemic, church attendance was (and continues to be) at an all-time low. Franz found that, statistically, people were not seeking counseling or ways to gather in a relaxed setting for discipleship to remove barriers to conversations that are needed in order to have and build relationships. Ultimately, Franz became affiliated with the BrewPastor micro church and its following manifesto:  "BrewPastors is a worldwide movement of people who love God, love people, and enjoy great beer. We're 'here' for you when you need a safe place to share your story, shed a tear, seek peace and find purpose. We listen, encourage, pray and connect. Tapped out? Let's chat." BrewPastor Franz's brew groups (Beer & Bible and One-on-One) mission is currently focused generally in Stark County but he hopes to expand as interest in the faith concept grows. For additional information about the BrewPastor 501(c)(3) organization, visit website or email Franz directly at Thanks to Rotarian Dave Lehman for securing and introducing today's speaker.
Prior to Franz's presentation, club president Daphne Silchuk-Ashcraft shared the following literacy fun fact:  American president Theodore Roosevelt read one book a day.  Reading every day can reduce your stress levels and help battle depression.
See the attached photo, this was a great to see the church meeting people where they are at in a new way.