Annual White Elephant Gift Exchange 
The final meeting of Orrville Rotary's 2021 service year included sharing lunch and celebrating the reboot of our club's time-honored White Elephant (wrapped) gift exchange. The tradition continued as members were encouraged by club secretary Amberly Wolf as "a time to raid our closets, basements and possibly our vehicles of the treasures we no longer need in our lives" and have no monetary value. Wolf noted that some of the previous years' items included a bubble blowing bear, a life-sized banana costume, a mixed CD of music with no label which may (or may not have) been work safe, and homely looking Christmas decorations, just to name a few. A sampling of this year's unique offerings included a well used honest-to-goodness bowling pin, a trio of Ohio State coffee mugs, as well as an oversized soup bowl containing a can of mini Chef Boyardee ravioli (expiration date 2/11/23).  Needless to say, the meeting overflowed with merriment, good cheer and fellowship.   Prospective member Steve Lorson attended the afternoon festivities as a guest of the club.