Tourette Canada

For parents of newly diagnosed T.S. kids, this is a scary trip to begin. How do you pack for a trip when you are not even sure where you are going? Is there a travel guide for this? Gee, I am not sure if anyone in my family has been down this road before. How do I know how to get around? This isn't the trip I wanted to take! 

Scheduling appointments with doctors and the school, learning new medical terminology and behavior management techniques, dealing with a child's puzzling symptoms, feeling grief and helplessness for your child, learning how to advocate for your child and experiencing exhaustion in dealing daily with a child who is struggling... most parents are truly overwhelmed!


Schools We Support


Glendale School
Kyle Dawe of the Rotary Club of Edmonton presents cheque to Arief Ebrahim of Glendale School to provide books to all students!!
Ormsby School
Crystal Sinclair, Principal of Ormsby School, accepts a cheque from Kyle Dawe of the Rotary Club of Edmonton Sunrise for the "One book, one school" program.
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