Peter Vician asks a question during the Club's recent AGM. Members work hard to ensure all projects are scrutinized and all internal policies are being adhered to.


As the Club heads into 2020, we are looking both inward and outward. As we continue to find ways to accommodate the pandemic public health orders and still have meetings — including for members who choose to join via Zoom — we have also completed a Membership Survey to help the executive shape the club’s direction.

Moreover, we are fine-tuning the committee structure in that executive to make sure we follow our by-laws. That should also improve the functionality of the club, as we prepare to emerge from our COVID-19 slowdown.


The Club executive meets twice a month, once in person and once over Zoom. This was our recent Saturday morning meeting at Guy Architects space, with Jan Larsson joining via internet.


That doesn’t mean we have been napping since last spring! We still managed to accomplish some good projects for the community last year, while also raising funds to ensure our finances are healthy as we consider avenues to go down in 2021.

In his Year in Review address at the first part of our AGM on Jan. 14, Club President Wayne Guy also noted the need to recruit new members. As with many service clubs, our membership tends to be people older than 50 and also many retirees. As a result, there is always a need to look for ‘younger’ members to keep the club vibrant and relatable to the needs of the entire community.


Club President Wayne Guy speaks to the club at the recent AGM.


Our Club also wants to be representative of the community we serve. As such, we realized we need representation from the blue-collar sector. We will also continue to engage with future generations of Rotarians and community leaders by strengthening our relationship with the local Interact Club.

We are also on the hunt for community partners this year to partner with for local projects. If you have an idea you think might work in partnership with Rotary, please contact a member as a seen on the home page here.

As part of our mandate, the Club also helps the international community by funding select projects. While we might pull back on those this year to focus on the Yellowknife area — which has been struggling during the pandemic — we are still looking at one or two interesting and beneficial projects in some very needy areas of the globe.

A couple of local annual projects that are coming up include Rotary Radio Days in the last week of February and the Spring Bike Auction.

Our Club celebrated 50 year of service to the community last year and is excited over what 2021 holds for us!


Late last year, the Club was brought up to speed on the goings-on at the city's Royal Canadian Legion branch.


On occasion, when there is a major event in the Explorer Hotel and the conference rooms are full, we move down the hall into the cozy confines of the Trapline Lounge.


Club members examine floor plans for the Aven Pavilion planned expansion at the seniors community.


Avens CEO Daryl Dolynny brought our Club up to date on some of the exciting projects at the seniors community.


Club President Wayne Guy shares a laugh with Avens CEO Daryl Dolynny in December.


Members at the first part of our annual AGM in mid-January in our regular home at the Explorer Hotel.


Photos by James O'Connor