Posted by Nancy Jacobs on May 23, 2020
20 May 2020 (Zoom): Beth Murphy, continued
Members present: Dietrich Bilger, Sue Heller, Walter Heller, Nancy Jacobs, Michael Johnson, JD Miller, Bart Nuboer, Joan Powers, Robert Schipul, Janet Schmitz, Lucille Sorrentino, Bernie Westerveld
Guests present: Beth Murphy, Sandra Schipul
Salute to flag, four way test
President Walter opened the meeting at 6:35 with a reading on the Rotary's high standards and integrity.
Guest speaker Beth Murphy continued her presentation from the week before stating that she had been in Geneva at a film festival working with the camera kids, interactive groups, and photographers.
Beth emphasized that there is an epidemic of teens' mental health issues which include anxiety, depression and suicide. She is filming behind the scenes of a program called "Brave Teens" which helps with the healing process and reduces the stigma of teens' mental health issues. The format is "This is My Brave" which is on social media, PBS, and the website "". The goal is to live a successful life in spite of mental illness.
She also mentioned that Mass. contact training, Partners in Health, has granted a filming opportunity to Beth's team in following contact tracers for the Covid 19 virus.
Board Meeting on Wed., May 27
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