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Shane Matlock Nov 29, 2017
The Burgundian: Coffee and Waffles
The Burgundian is a lifestyle; a much more inclusive identity than "Foodie" or "Craft Beer Lover" or "Coffee Snob", etc. A Burgundian loves all food and drink, in both quality and quantity, shared amongst friends. The Burgundian business seeks to be a place where all good things come together - products, people, and community. The Burgundian (Burr-gun-dee-ann) was first used when the Dutchess of... Burgundy reigned over the territories of Northern France and Belgium, and is still in use in the greater Belgian region today. While names like "gourmand" "epicurean" and "foodie" may have become more commonplace, none are as inclusive.

The founder and owner of The Burgundian, Shane, dreamed of on one day owning his own coffee during his part-time gig as a barista in high school. The subsequent 15 years took him all over the world, much of it due to his post-college career as a US Army Officer. This included a 3-year tour on the border of France and Belgium, where Shane truly learned the Burgundian way of life. He also learned that the majority of America has been missing out on the greatest waffle in the world: the Liege (lee-ehj) waffle.

Now, in 2017, Shane has launched the Burgundian empire, and invites all his fellow Burgundians to come along for the ride.  Shane will be speaking about his journey into the Burgundian life!
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