Saturday, December 5, a beautiful, but CRISP morning, 11 Tucson Kino Rotarians, 10 members of the Lions and Cyber Lions Clubs, and 5 members of the U of A Rotaract Club picked up trash at the Rudy Garcia Park (old Rodeo Park). As usual, we had a lot of fun and performed a valuable service for our city.
Rarin' To Go!
Helping from Kino Rotary were Fil Barrera, Chris and Raul Bejarano, Dennis Bergquist, Buck Crouch (also a Lion member), David and Joan Fawcett, Debbie Haddock, Ralph Nickl, Maria Patterson, Richard Stevenson (also a Lion member), and Daniel Stringham.
From the U of A Rotaract Club were Andy Le, Andrew Le, Benjamin Karls, 
Hamzah Firman, and Siera Moreno.
Lions and Cyber Lions Clubs were represented by Gerson Gonzalez, Ada Adams, Kim Freidah, Evelyn Jacobs and Jim, Ed Trejo, Adella Mason, Lola Stevenson, Cathy Sepulveda, and Richard Stevenson (also a Kino member).

And Off We Went!