Lisberkis Paulino - Southside Community School Family Liaison
Southside Community School is a free, non-profit, public charter school serving grades preK-9. It works with the community and parents to foster academic excellence, community responsibility, cultural awareness, and a safe campus with a school-wide policy of non-violence.
Lisberkis, born in the Dominican Republic, educated in The Netherlands spoke to us about her journey to Tucson and her position at Southside Community School.
Liberkis Paulino
Liberkis said the school has 287 students enrolled this fall. Many come from families deep in poverty. She helps manage a food and hygiene supplies pantry in the school. Also, they operate a drive-through food distribution every month. Some families are not able to come to the distribution, so food is delivered to their homes.
Liberkis said that many families lack legal status so they don't qualify for many of the available city, county, state and federal benefits. A few years ago, many students did not attend school regularly because of shame about their lack of good clothing, shoes, and backpacks. The school was able to raise funds to provide $1300 to these families for basic items needed for school. Attendance went up 67%!
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