Night To Support Ukraine
Night to Support Ukraine
Sponsored by Cambridge Area Rotary
The news about Ukraine can be overwhelming as well as confusing. The Cambridge Area Rotary is honored to sponsor an opportunity to learn more about Ukraine from a personal point of view and the political history between Ukraine and Russia that brought us to where we are today. Please join us either by Zoom or in person on Friday, April 1 at 7:00pm at the Second Congregational Church in Jeffersonville for this special presentation. To ensure an on-time start, seating at the church will begin at 6:30pm. Masks will be optional.
Elena Spensley was born in Ukraine and grew up in Odessa, a beautiful resort city located on the Black Sea. She spent her childhood years in Ukraine, while it was still a part of the Soviet Union. She grew up speaking both Russian and Ukrainian.
Elena travelled extensively throughout the Soviet Union and Western Europe.  She came to the United States after the fall of the Soviet Union.  In addition to studying English and German, she earned her master’s degree in Human Resource Development from George Washington University.  Over the past 20 years, she has worked with multiple non-profit and business organizations in Boston, Washington, DC, Vermont, and Montreal. Elena's mother and her extended family still live in Ukraine.

Kevin Spensley works in international education for CCG, an organization that has strong ties throughout Central Europe including Ukraine. He spent 25+ years working in international education in non-government and private sectors. He was Senior International Officer at Saint Michael's College in Vermont for ten years and has worked for the former USIA (State Department). Kevin has lived and worked in Ukraine and Russia, speaks Russian, and has a Master's Degree in Slavic Studies from Boston College His experiences have given him an in depth perspective on the history and politics that have thrown these countries onto this collision course and put the world on notice.

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When you register, you will have the opportunity to donate to ShelterBox USA, which, through Rotary International, provides sturdy shelters and home goods to displaced people globally. All proceeds will be used to help fund the Shelterbox effort for the Ukrainian refugees.