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We meet Thursdays at 7:15 AM
RedTail Landing Golf Course
Edmonton International Airport
Leduc, AB
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   On Thursday, November 22nd, our regular meeting was moved across the airport property to the STARS hanger. We had a great turnout and not a single person was disappointed with the visit.  We had a wonderful breakfast in the Stars meeting room and a great presentation by Stars Director of Events, Sheyanne.    A tour of the facility followed with everyone totally amazed at the equipment they have and training that these folks continually go through.  If you missed this meeting you missed a very special occasion.  Hope we can do it again some time. Photos courtesy of Stuart.  Breakfast catered by Square One. This great day arranged by Marilyn.  Thanks to all and a special big thank you to staff at Stars. 
  More photos in Photo Albums under STARS Visit
Please find to follow a bio on our Project Amigo sponsored student.  Also, the READ MORE icon below will take you her latest letter ( Google Translated). We have also posted a number of pictures about Project Amigo and Alondra in the Photo Album section of this web page.
   Amy Smith sends greetings and an update from Australia.  Finished off the first year of my Masters program ( Master of Development Practice) in Brisbane and now exploring a bit of the country. Found this Rotary graffiti in Melbourne's Hosier laneway  - haha!!
Rotary Clock Dedicated - Leduc - November 7, 2018
  Downtown Leduc has been enhanced with the addition of our new Rotary Clock.  Many dignitaries, club members and guests on hand for the official ceremony including our District Governor Ingrid Neitsch
On October 11, District Governor, Ingrid Neitsch, visited our club's regular breakfast meeting and helped to install our newest member Rob McAlinden.
Upcoming greeters !
If you are unable to greet on your scheduled day, please find a substitute! Thanks!!
Sept. 27    -  Nadine Leming
Oct. 4        -  Jamie McNamara
Oct. 11       -  Elmer Nykiforuk
Oct. 18      -  Bill Orthner
Oct. 25      -  JoAnn Papirnik
Nov. 1       -  Gary Sandercock
Nov. 8       -  Myrtle Smyth
Nov. 15      -  Maurice Tellier
Nov. 22     -  Gerald Thomas
Nov. 29     -  Harold Wilson
Dec. 6        -  Susan Brayford
Dec. 13      -  Lynda Campbell
Dec. 20     -   Marilyn McGhan
Ball Caps for Sale - $25.00 -
Caps are in lock-up at Red Tail Landing
Two Styles -Flex Fit and Adjustable
Take & Pay - Gord Lewis - honor system
Please read the article in the "Read More" icon below about the history of Remembrance Day .
Wayne McCutcheon and Wayne Kauffman with District 5370 Foundation Committee are presented their thank you card for a donation to the Boys & Girls Club by President Jamie for their presentation to The Club at the May 17th regular meeting. We were updated on our club's status in Foundation giving and how District and Global Grants work.
 We continue to grow! Our newest member Marilyn McGhan, was inducted by President Jamie and Membership Chair Gerald at the May 10th regular meeting.
Our newest member, Bob Young, City of Leduc Mayor, was inducted by President Jamie and Membership Director Gerald Thomas at the April 12th meeting.
Lyle Johnson with the Emmanual Foundation was our guest speaker on April 19th.  He updated the club on recent happenings and success stories at the foundation.
  Project Amigo brings about 135 children to the beach for their first experience with the ocean. Also " Read More" to see our latest letter from our sponsored student.
Check Casa Hogar Photo Album for updated pictures of the recent Alberta tour of the Ballet Folklorico
Integrity - firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values, incorruptibility. - Merriam-Webster Dictionary
Some 1.2 million members of 32,000 Rotary clubs in more than 200 countries around the world seek to serve the community and promote high ethical standards embodied in the ideals of Rotary International. Twelve Rotary Clubs in the Capital Region sponsor the 2016 Integrity Awards to honour the non-rotarian citizens for their integrity and service to the community. Recipients are those Albertans judged by the respective clubs as persons who: Have a lifestyle consistent with the Four-Way Test; Have a life showing purpose and expressing principles widely accepted in the community; Take a stand without concern for personal loss or reputation, regardless of circumstances; Pursue their integrity without need for recognition within the community, and Have made a personal contribution to the region that warrants special recognition.
Real integrity is doing the right thing, knowing that nobody’s going to know whether you did it or not. - Oprah Winfrey (1954-)
2016 Participating Clubs Rotary Clubs of the Capital Region
The Rotary Club of Edmonton
The Rotary Club of Edmonton Gateway
The Rotary Club of Edmonton Glenora
The Rotary Club of Edmonton Northeast
The Rotary Club of Edmonton Riverview
The Rotary Club of Edmonton Sunrise
The Rotary Club of Nisku Leduc
The Rotary Club of Sherwood Park
Rotary is a global network of community volunteers

Rotary members are business and professional leaders who provide humanitarian service, encourage high ethical standards and help build goodwill and peace in the world.

Some 31,000 Rotary clubs in more than 165 countries carry out service projects in their local communities and abroad to:

Support service in the community and in the workplace

Address many of today’s most critical issues such as children at risk, poverty and hunger, the environment, illiteracy and violence

Rotary Clubs meet weekly and are nonpolitical, nonreligious and open to all cultures, races and creeds.

Of all the things we think, say or do:
- Is it the truth?
- Is it fair to all concerned?
- Will it build goodwill and better friendships?
- Is it beneficial to all concerned?
Have you ever wondered what Rotarians do, and how to become one? Rotary is one of the world's largest peace organizations, we are working world wide to end Polio, we work towards furthering the human condition world wide, as well as working on projects right in our community!

You are invited to our meetings, we meet year round at Red Tail Landing Golf Course at the Edmonton International Airport. Meetings are Thursdays at 7:15 am and $15 includes breakfast. Enjoy the company of other globally minded citizens, find out all the community service and projects we work on locally and internationally, and if you want to join us - apply for membership!

Gerald Thomas is our membership chair, and you can contact him at 780-292-3601 for more information or for an application form. The membership process is very easy - once you fill out the application, it takes about a month to process, and your sponsoring Rotarian will keep you updated on the progress. Once you've been approved, you will be inducted at one of our regular meetings - it's that easy!

We'd love for you to join the fun that we have every week! Join us today!!
Nisku Leduc Rotary member Luke Pantin exchanges banners with the Arima Club in Trinidad on his latest travels!
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  • George Lavertu
    December 22
  • Bob Young
    Susan Young
    December 16
  • Lorne Yeo
    December 29
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  • Pat Klak
    December 1, 1995
    23 years
  • George Lavertu
    December 7, 2003
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