What a time to be a Rotarian!
Six months ago, we had no clue what July 2020 had in store.  At least now we know...that we don't know...what 2021 will bring.  That is actually freeing.
So what we do we do?  We embrace the international theme "Rotary Opens Opportunities."  We find ways to meet.  We reach out to each other to stay connected.  We seek service-minded people across our community.  Because what we do, as a local club, and, as an international community, is as relevant as ever.
We were disappointed that we couldn't do our signature BBQ event to raise funds for our youth programs in May.  So we are planning to do something COVID-proof in the fall.  It won't be the same.  But it doesn't have to be.  It can be a different kind of great!
Our challenge in the year ahead is to do what we do best.  We Act and Amplify.  In some cases, we take the lead, and do something that serves a need in our community...we act.  On other cases, we listen, share a story, connect a friend who can act...we amplify.
Both are important.  Sometimes, the hard part is to realize which we need to do!  Act and amplify.  If we think about these two words each week, we will have a rich year of service.
I appreciate all of our officers, project leads and members.  This is a team sport.  And we have a great team!
If you are reading this note ("amplify") and aren't a member yet, I invite you to reach out and connect ("act").  This is a great day to find new friends and serve!
David Evans
President -- 2020 - 2021
Rotary Club of Liberty, Missouri