Liberty Hyvee
109 N Blue Jay Drive
Liberty, MO 64068
United States of America

Rotary Club of Liberty Volunteers will be staffing two doors at Liberty HyVee on December 3rd, 2022.  Door one will be staffed from 10am to 4pm and door 2 will be staffed from 12noon to 2pm.   Read the instructions below for more details.  Sign up on the volunteer sheets to work a shift.  Encourage all  your friends to visit Liberty HyVee on December 3rd!    Additional questions can be directed to Rocky Buford, event chairman

Notes:    Thank you for volunteering to ring at the red kettle! When you are scheduled to start a staff member will deliver your kettle and bell(s) to you or if you are taking a shift during the day, the equipment may already be in place for you.  We may or may not replace the kettle for each volunteer. We like to keep track of how much each volunteer or group raises, but depending on staffing, you may receive an average on what you helped raise for the day.  Please understand if your kettle does not get switched out it is because we are trying to save on staffing and gas so that more money goes directly toward the mission of The Salvation Army.

When you are finished ringing, a staff member will pick up your equipment or will have instructed you if another group or volunteer will be taking over for you.  During this busy time we have many deliveries and pick ups to make, so please be patient if we are running a few minutes behind.  Although all kettles are locked to the kettle stand, please do not leave a kettle unattended unless you are instructed to do so.  If our representative is running more than ten minutes late, please call the numbers listed below or attached to the kettle stand.
Have fun! Salvation Army bell ringers are an icon of the Christmas season, and pleasant and polite ringers spread the holiday spirit and ensure that businesses will welcome us back in upcoming years.
A few things to remember:
* Dress warmly.  Kettle sites are outdoors, so be prepared for the weather and wear comfortable weatherproof shoes.  Also, please remember that local managers cannot give you permission to ring indoors, even temporarily.  Kettle stands must stay in their proper position.
* Stores want an optimum experience for customers.  Greet customers with a smile and a holiday greeting.  Thank people for their donations.  Bell ringers are best received in small groups; two to three is ideal.  Please do not have lengthy cell phone conversations at the kettle.
* The Salvation Army policies prohibit smoking, eating, alcohol and weapons at kettle sites.