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Northland Shepherd's Center
5601 NE Antioch Road Ste 12
Gladstone, MO  64119
United States of America

Joint work days at Northland Shepherd's Center with KCI, Gladstone, Parkville, and Liberty Rotary Clubs.    Our joint grant project is to setup a commercial kitchen and service area in NSC's new building. The Cafe will be used to provide meals for seniors as well as the general public.    The work days will start at 9am and extend until the tasks are completed.  Tasks include: both skilled and unskilled works, so no one needs to feel left out!  A task list is included below: pick what you are interested in and bring your tools!!


Install wood backsplash in 2 stations at main office.   Tools Needed:  saw, hammer

Hang Barn Door in Conference Room.  Tools Needed:  drill and screw gun.

Relocate Barn Door from Heritage Room to Conference Room.  Tools Needed:  drill and screw gun.

Repair Damaged Ceiling Tiles in Cafe, Cafe Storage Area,and Kitchen.  Replace Ceiling Tile by Staff Restroom.  Tools Needed:  utility knife, ladder.

Patch Misc Wall Holes.  Tools Needed:  drywall joint knife.  

Install Magnetic Door Closures on Storage Door in office.  Tools Needed:  drill, screw gun.  

Expose Skylight in Cafe by removing Part of Ceiling and installing Finished Wood from Skylight down to ceiling grid. Tools Needed:  drill, screw gun, wire cutter, saw, nails.   

Install FRP in Kitchen Dishwasher Area.  Tools Needed:  drill, screw gun, saw.  

Install Door Bell at Front Door.  Tools Needed:  drill, screw gun.   

Install Live Edge Countertop in Conference Rm.  Tools Needed: drill, screw gun, electric rotary sander.  

Install New Door with Window in Terry's Office.  Tools Needed:  drill, screw gun.    

Install New Door with Window in Cafe.  Tools Needed:  drill, screw gun.   

Cafe: West end-smal square electric cover in ceiling,  Light switch cover on wall to furnace room, Build door to cover pipes in wall, Bathroom needs new ceiling tiles.   

GroundsKeeping bring your rakes and gloves.

Snacks: bring snacks and drinks to keep our works fueled. 

Mark your calendars, it is important that we have some sweat equity for our grant project in addition to the funding we have already provided!!!!   Just stopping by NSC and checking in to play "cheerleader" will be considered project support!   Should be a great experience working with the other clubs!