Berkeley Rotary


Who we are

We're diverse. Our members represent a broad spectrum of ethnicities, age, socio-economic, and cultural backgrounds.

We have a variety of professional members: Entrepreneurs, technology specialists, doctors, lawyers, CPAs, educators, investment managers, real estate agents, artists, and UC Berkeley faculty and staff. New members are joining all the time!

What we do

We do service - locally and internationally. We clean up parks, plant trees, remodel community centers and schools, provide scholarships, run a free healthcare clinic, and more! Our club members have learned how to be global citizens by working shoulder-to-shoulder on long-term projects in Mexico, Guatemala, Russia, and beyond!

We have great speakers. Berkeley is located at the epicenter of education and innovation. We get to hear top-notch presentations on a wide range of topics.

We have fun. New to town? Looking to meet new people or expand your network? We have at least 100 new friends for you right here. Join us for lunch, happy hour, a social activity, a fundraiser, or a community service event and feel right at home.

How we do it

The work of Berkeley Rotary is the result of a successful formula: volunteerism, philanthropy, partnership, and networks.  Each leverages the others.

Volunteerism. We have almost no overhead expenses.  We have no paid staff and no office.  Many of our members are active or retired professionals who bring their management and other skills to our activities.  We plan our activities in members’ homes or offices, by phone or email; as always, we meet as a Club every Wednesday.  We supply hands-on volunteer labor for every project.

Philanthropy.  We have an annual budget for grants based on our prior year fundraising and foundation income. In addition we receive designated gifts from individuals to fund special programs like our college scholarship and mentoring program. Income from our foundation corpus of restricted funds helps fund our annual grants budget.

Partnerships and Networks.  Most of the projects we do are the result of partnerships with other Rotary clubs or community groups. Because our members tend to be leaders in business, academics and the larger community, we often receive both monetary and in-kind contributions in goods and services from our friends and acquaintances to accomplish our community goals. Our personal relationships, and the reputation of Rotary, make things possible beyond an assignable dollar value.