Fantastic Event for Rotary at the RV Park. A massive and amazing undertaking by 27 University of Texas students to go from Austin TX to Anchorage AK in 70 days. So on day 50 they were at Mile 50 on the Alaska Highway. Many heart touching stories were shared both from Rotary and from the students. Cancer touches us all somewhere. Pat's dad was actually treated in Texas in the same hospital as many of these student's family members.
Thanks to Michael and Lynette for organizing a much appreciated excellent meal. They were so grateful it was a pleasure to serve.
Cooked by Raven, Neil, and Moira. Awesome job.
Thanks to Julie for arranging media to be there. CJDC, the MOose FM, and Alaska Highway News.
Thanks to Beth & Steve, Marva & Randy, Moira & Paul, Neil & Donna, Julie & Kelly, Harold & Pat  they all had a great nights sleep and a good breakfast before leaving at 8:00AM for a 12 hr 120 Mile ride. Many thanks to all who came. These students really were a "Gift to the World" and we had an opportunity to share in that.
Thanks Brad and Moira for getting the RV Park a fantastic BBQ.