This is the Pancake People for the Rotary Breakfast on May 10, 2015. We cooked about 1,000 pancakes to a very large and happy crowd! 
Weather was perfect so a big thank you to Julie who ordered that. Well done!
Many thanks to Shirley for making us all look good. Good pancake organizing. 
Prize goes to Raven for the best demo pancake and largest pancake proudly shown in our group photo!
Special Huge Thank you to Clayton for setting and taking down the big Rotary tent. It was greatly appreciated by all.
Note: Next year we need a water sponsor! Running out of water bottles at a 5 and 10 km run was less than exemplary. No complaints though. 
All was good. 
Congratz to new member Mike, Julie and Clayton on making us Rotarians look like stellar athletes.