On Thursday December 8th we had a Fireside on Microfinance. Some of the information on microfinance is found below.


First on microfinance and what it is here are some interesting videos describing it:



Rotary as a Rotary Action Group on Microfinance. Here is a link to its homepage:


What is a Rotary Action Group? See the link below:


One microfinance project done by Rotarians is currently underway. This is being spearheaded by Rotary Clubs in Calgary and is in Honduras. Here is a power point about their current project (phase 4):


We also discussed the crowd sourcing site and organization known as Kiva. Here is a link to  their site:


At the meeting we spoke of forming a microfinance Club, much like an investment club, where we would throw in a small amount of money each and get together each month to discuss what to invest in, and what we have learned about microfinance, and also have some socializing. There will be a sign up after New Years for this.