For those of you who missed the December 23rd meeting, you really missed it.  Queen Bev resurected the cheerleading uniform again, with leggings underneath this time, and did a personalized cheer for the club.  Practice the following, because all of us will probably be part of the RER Cheer Squad at the demotion in June!

Half a year gone

It's happened so FAST

Been so much fun

I wish it could last!


But WAIT…It can!

There's six more months

Of fellowship and work

And so much FUN!   


You've earned the crown…

As the very BEST club

We've much to celebrate

Some of us in PUBS!


40 years strong

History galore

It's safe to say

That we want MORE!


From Christmas baskets

To Daddu Duck

We try to help those

Down on their luck


Best wishes to you

This special season

We're the BEST

And YOU'RE the reason


So clap your hands

And prepare for our feast.

Your Queen B loves

Our Redding EAST (clap)

Redding EAST (clap)

Redding EAST (clap)

Go-o-o-o-o- EAST!