Another successful feeding of 350 Special Olympic athletes was completed on Sunday, March 20th, at their basketball tournament at Enterprise High School.  Saturday morning the sandwiches were made by Marge Remedios,  Frank Strazzarino, Tyler Nichols, Chad Thompson, Jim Westerberg, Charlie Menoher, Denise Yergenson, Les Melberg, Thomas Smith, Carol Murphy, Jim Cloney, Marge Beck, Kurt Mitchell (briefly to help eat the pizza) and Jerry & Sally Peters.   Sandwiches were made in under an hour!  We then enjoyed pizza, beer and sodas.

On Friday, John Oakes, Jerry & Sally shopped at Costco to round up the supplies for the lunches.


On Sunday we had a huge crew and it was wonderful.   Keith Ritter, Dick Yoder, Jim & Carol Murphy with Gina (I-House) Doug Tooley with future Rotarians, Victoria, Hanna & David, Dave & Kelly Ercolano with Helen & Hyeyoung (I-House), Marge Beck, Charlie Menoher, Chad & Katherine Thompson with Brooke, Madeline, Hanna and guide dog-in-training, and Jerry & Sally Peters with Yashushi (I-House) assembled the lunches and served the hungry athletes.  The delicious lunches are ham or turkey and cheese sandwiches, on wheat bread with Mayotard (mayonnaise and mustard combination) cookies, chips, bananas and water.  At a cost of $1.96 per lunch, it's a real bargain for Redding East Rotary.  The athletes do enjoy and appreciate the lunches and thanks to everyone for their time and effort.  We did have some extra lunches so we took them to the Good News Rescue Mission.