MEETING NOTES – October 21, 2009


Today's meeting was brought to us by the PUB CRAWL KINGS.  Keeping with the Pub Crawl tradition of having someone in a far off location participate via cell phone, Don Brooks led us in the pledge (after much technological challenge by Ed Harrison) from Hawaii.

Check the Download Section of the webpage for information and a flyer on the Christmas Party.  You won't want to miss this one!


The Interact Club from EHS (we sponsor them) will be at the November 4th conduction a pie and cake sale.  Bring extra cash and a big appetite.  This will help with funds for their club.  Remember, they are up and coming Rotarians.


Next week's meeting is at Galaxy Gymnastics.  Contact Ken Miller for details.


Charlie Menoher passed around information on the Shoulder to Shoulder program for Rotarians struggling with finances and problems paying for Rotary.  Check with Charlie, Queen Bev or Steve Pitman for more details.


The Scholarship Auction will be held February 25th. Each team is expected to provide baskets, auction items and attendance.


RECOGNITION:  Ed Harrison's team had a party at Bill Haedrich's house and didn't invite Bill's neighbor and our president elect Charlie.  Poor Charlie and Judy had to walk the neighborhood in hopes someone one see them and invite them in.  For that oversight the entire team should have been fined immensely, but Ed go away with just $37.52.


Marge Remedios paid off her fine with coins and the glass jar is full!


Steve Hosler was happy that Mercy passed inspection and everything is great.  He was fined $66.18 and then proceeded to brag about his kids playing football, etc. and his total went up to $133 for a complete Paul Harris.


Chad Thompson was not fined, but thanked for his efforts with the Paul Harris program.


Bill Wright shot a bunch of ducks (the real kind) and paid $36.36 for that hunting trip.


Allyn Clark was wrongly "re-fined" for her trip to Mexico, so Howard Taylor, who fined her without the Queen's knowledge, was fined $12 for that boo boo.


Andy Main and his brothers will be travelling to San Diego to the San Diego High School Wall of Fame Awards because their mother, Rocky Main, is being remembered and inducted into that prestigious group.  He still had to pay $45.03.


Don Selke won the 50/50 pot of $465.


Our speaker today was Dr. Doug McConnell from ShastaRegionalMedicalCenter, who spoke on the Synergy and Innovation it took to create and develop open heart surgery.  The talk was fascinating and can really be applied to all of our careers.


Mary Mihalka won the gift.