Today's meeting was hosted by Team 2, "Indiana Yergie and the Temple of Two" lead by Denise Yergenson.  Team members include Jim Cloney, Cathy Grindstaff, Jenn Powell, Cheryl Olsson, Todd Endres, Kelly Nickel, Randall Hempling and Bill Hazeleur.
The RUM TASTING EVENT will be held at the Gaia Hotel on Friday, July 19th.  Event proceeds will benefit the scholarship program.  For more information, contact Parrish Malson.
BACKGROUND CHECKS:  The background checks are an effort to ensure that the youth affiliated with our club or present at a club event are safe.  They are not meant to invade your privacy or check on your credit!  Rotary International has tightened up the rules and the Executive Board of Redding East Rotary is erring on the side of caution.  Please participate.  If you have questions, please call Michelle Nystrom.  If you don’t want to participate in the background check, you don’t have to; just let Michelle know you are opting out.
The annual PETERS/MURPHY FAMILY PICNIC will be held on August 4, 2013 at the home of Jerry Peters. 4870 Saratoga Drive in Redding. This is always a great family event! Swimming, games, food and surprises.  Sign up at the weekly meetings or call Jerry Peters.
Chris presented awards received at the District Conference to Chad Thompson, Bev Stupek, Marge Beck and Jerry Peters.
MIKE YOUNG remodeled his office and cut down some trees!  Nothing fun, but he paid $50 anyway.
HOWARD TAYLOR was accused of attempting to abduct the Rotary bell from Chris Carter at the Demotion. Howard adamantly denied any participation in the distraction of Chris and let Pres Chris know he didn’t try to take that “Damn Bell”.  Howard paid anyway.
Lisa Geraci  won a chance at the 50/50 and did take home a handmade top!  No money.  Charlie Clinkenbeard won the door prize of an all sport/all school pass to local high school sporting events next school year.