In attendance- officers: President Bev Stupek; P.E. Charlie Menoher, Secretary Diane Guhy; Treasurer Steve Pitman; Denise Yergenson; Glenn Rank; Dave Ercolano; Chad Thompson


In attendance – others:  P.E.N. Allyn Clark;

Call to Order - President Bev opening the meeting by leading a standing ovation for RER Secretary Diane Guhy. This is her final meeting as club secretary, capping off SIX excellent years in that role. RER is most appreciative to Diane for her true service above self!!!


Approval of the May 2010 minutes - Approved


Secretary's report - 3 new members in our (final) process for this fiscal year - Miller, Redwine and Tooley.


Treasurer's report

          New Bank Signature Cards - Steve - Allyn will coordinate getting new signatures to RBC and Steve is waiting for the names of the Chair and Vice Chair of the Scholarship Investment Committee to get the Raymond James signature card updated.


Directors' reports -

          Dave Ercolano - Membership - distributed list/recap of new RER members for 2009/2010 - 15 new members entered the club for a net gain of 11 in our membership total (which began the year at 86).  President Bev reported that Team #1 sponsored the most new members this year so they have earned the big point bonus (5000 pts.) that was promised at the start of this year.  New members and their sponsors follow:

·         Anna Bengtsson                      Bev Stupek

·         Sue Tiffany                            Mary Burger

·         Randall Hempling                     John Oakes

·         Pat Beasley                            Jerry Peters

·         Doug Tooley                           Bill Haedrich

·         Tammy Miller                         Charlie Menoher

·         Jim Westerberg                      Denise Yergenson

·         Debbie Roche                         Maggie John

·         Laura Redwine                        Chris Haedrich

·         Brian Gibson                           Chris Haedrich

·         Annie Purcell                          Randall Hempling

·         Jeff Thompson                       Dave Ercolano

·         Brian Crume                           Jerry Peters

·         Deb Engs                               Tim Welch

·         Jim Cloney                             Denise Yergenson


          Glenn Rank - Community Service - Glenn will check with Steve Hagenbaugh to determine whether we have any outstanding expenses from our Smoke Detector project.  Also, Glenn is ready to roll with next year's community services projects/priorities following the Club Assembly re/that on July 7th.


          Chad Thompson - Foundation - We have 3 more Paul Harris Fellow awards in the pipeline. They will be awarded as soon as certificates/pins have arrived from RI.  We do want to "save" one of them to honor when the new District Governor visits RER in August.


Denise Yergenson - Public Relations - RER needs a separate "historian" to gather and maintain our historical information/records/memorabilia, etc.  We have excellent photographers in Dick Yoder and Eric Smith but Denise has learned that there's no central repository for our historical info.  She will email club members to see if someone has the space and desire to help with this important task.


            Ken Miller - Youth Service - excused absence


Old Business

          Bylaw change(s) - No Further action taken yet - Charlie will appoint Past President Bev to finalize this in the coming year. The bylaws need to be changed to reflect our changed club organizational structure, which we began testing during Ritter's year as president and finalized in the current fiscal year.

          Lunch cost proposal - Charlie is meeting with other North State 8 Presidents to discuss this item this week. The group will discuss how to try to reduce the cost of lunches for our meetings/site.


New Business

DD Foundation Request - Bev - The Board unanimously approved the following request from the RCNCFASA, appointing Chris Carter to replace Bill Evanhoe as RER liaison to their Board.

·         From Marge Remedios - We are requesting the approval of the Redding East Board for the appointment of Chris Carter to the Board of Directors of the Rotary Clubs of Northern California Foundation Against Substance Abuse to replace Bill
Evanhoe following his resignation last month.


2010-2011 Prep (Captains/Teams; Commitment Forms; Org Chart) - Charlie/Allyn discussed plans for the coming year. By the end of this week, the RER website will have posted the teams for 2010-2011.


Keith's idea for Candy Committee - Bev will handle/Keith excused absence - The Board approved by consensus Keith's proposal to establish a new ongoing committee - the Candy Committee!  It will be comprised of the new members in the club, serving to keep our wonderful tradition going (visitors get M&Ms) and engage new members with an immediate responsibility at the same time.


District Recognition Dinner July 10th - Bev encouraged the Board (and RER members) to attend the District Recognition Dinner on July 10th at Rolling Hills Casino in Corning!  Our club is being considered for various awards and it would be great to have good representation at the event.


President-Elect's comments - nothing further


Past President's comments - excused absence.