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Hello Redding East Rotarians,
This weeks speaker is brought to you by Team 5 - It's Five O'Clock Somewhere. Our speaker is Pamela Montalvo, the sales & brand ambassador for Etna Brewery and Denny Bar Co. Pamela will take us a virtual tour of Etna Brewery, established in 1872, discuss the history and the brewing of beer. Should be a fun time!
See you all Wednesday

Good morning Redding East Rotary,
Day 4 catching up with the weekly meeting +1, giving you plenty of opportunities to earn points to avoid the dreaded FULL DAY wearing a jockey costume:
The +1 for September 30th was an app – Felt and/or Handwrytten ( and
  • Just in time for holiday thank you notes (and profound letters of appreciation to your Rotary President) the +1 this week was the Felt app or Handwrytten app, which both allow you to create cards, thank you notes and letters from your smart phone, tablet or computer and customize them with photos directly from your phone.  I’ve found these apps to be very user friendly and they can be automated as well, so there is no excuse not to write a thank you note any longer (which I’m terrible at doing).  Check it out and let me know if you have any trouble or if you have a better app you like to use.
Points: Send a card or note to a fellow club member and I’ll give you 400 points
All the best,
Chris Haedrich
Your Rotary Prez
Good Morning Redding East Rotarians!
Our speaker for tomorrow, November 18th is brought to us by Team Plum Crazy, Captain Patrick Wallner. Team member Aaron Robertson was kind enough to find us a presentation by Jennifer Morris of North Valley Property Owners Association. She will share information about the California Housing Laws and how to access NVPOA as a resource center.
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See you all tomorrow,
Good morning Redding East Rotary,
Day 3 of catching up with the weekly +1 to give you more opportunities to earn points:
The +1 for September 9th was another book – “How to Change Your Mind” by Michael Pollan (
  • I was surprised how many of you read the last book, “The Boys in the Boat”, well done!  While that book was historical non-fiction, this next book is predominantly about current research into the new science of psychedelics and their use to treat addiction, depression, PTSD, and fear of death, to name a few.  Everyone at some point, whether personally or with family and friends, has experience with depression, addiction, fear of death, etc.  This book helps explain why the State of Oregon legalized the use of psychedelics, why the City of Oakland legalized the use of psilocybin, and why most future therapist and counselors will likely include these treatments.  I know most of you remember Timothy Leary being describe by President Nixon as “The most dangerous man in America”, so I expect you may think I’m crazy for this one (my Dad did); but if the summary of this book gives you pause, all the more reason you should read it.
Points: Let me know if you read this book and I’ll give you 500 points
All the best,
Chris Haedrich
Your Crazy President
Hello Redding East Rotarians,
Hoping you're planning to join our RER Zoom meeting tomorrow as we honor our club (and ALL!) veterans! In trying to compile a list of the all who served from our club, I've heard from our own -- Brooks, Crume, Murphy, Salini, Storrey, Taylor, Wallner and Yoder!!  Did we miss anyone!??! If so, please email me your branch, years of service, and hopefully a photo of you in uniform if you have one.  :)  Below is the handy dandy link to our meeting - where author Jonna Doolittle Hoppes will join us from Southern California with a special program about her grandfather--General Jimmy Doolittle, WWII & Aviation Hero. Feel free to forward the link to any guests of your own who you think would enjoy the program.
Thanks!   Bev
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Dear Redding East Rotarians,
It is time to start thinking about Holiday Baskets. We will assemble and distribute on December 16th this year. With our pandemic rules still in place I am not certain where are pick-up location will be yet but I will let you all know in plenty of time.
As you recall, this year we are paying $55 per basket to cover basket costs. Our finances do not allow us to provide more baskets than what we pay in to donate.
Currently we have a commitment to pay for 95 baskets at a value of $40 each. Of that commitment, only $1,640 @ $55 each has been paid. That means that 41 members who gave their commitment to pay for a basket, have not yet sent in their payments. Please get those $$ in right away.
Redding East Rotary donates 120 holiday baskets every year. The need is even greater this year with so many families losing their jobs due to Covid 19 and/or fires. Just to reach our regular donations, we need 25 glorious Rotarians to pay for another 25 baskets @ $55 each, $1,375 total. Please dig in and see what you can cover.
I will send out requests for reminder calls, packing and delivery soon. Right now, today, I just need to know how many baskets we will have to create and deliver.
Jennifer Haynes


Redding East Rotary is a volunteer service organization whose members donate their time and resources to help others in the community and throughout the world. We meet Wednesday at Noon at Riverview Country Club. Please join us to find out more about Rotary and our club.
Meetings: Wednesdays - Noon - Riverview Country Club - 4200 Bechelli Lane, Redding

A message from Mark Storrey --
I was sent this flyer from the Rotary Youth Exchange folks and wanted to pass along to our team. If you can help with this project, I am sure it would be greatly appreciated. I can tell you first hand, as someone that was overseas during deployments and received packages like this, that it absolutely means the world to them and that it is a reminder of the people and communities they are working hard to protect. Thank you so very much,