Can't make the meeting, don't have a make-up? Send your regrets or you'll pay for lunch!!
Times - they are a-changin'! Currently, your dues include a $15.00/meeting charge for your lunch whether you attended or not - simply because if you missed the regular would (or should) be making it up anyway! Apparently this is no longer practicle and some members have expressed concerns about the charges when meeting absences were unavoidable through job obligations. After some discussion, it was agreed that if you could NOT attend AND SENT YOUR REGRETS TO THE PRESIDENT you would not get charged for lunch....... This has nothing to do with Make-UP Credits, where you missed your home meeting but paid for the meal at the meeting you attended as a visiting Rotarian. However, if you attend another Rotary meeting and you pay for your meal and then attend your home meeting and enjoy lunch.....NO CREDIT cause you didn't miss the meals - User Pays!! Please, email the President your regrets OR YOU WILL PAY!!!