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Jeff Brown

Joined Rotary July 28, 2010

August, 2023


My kids went to San Mateo High in the late 1990’s, where I met Rich Mozzini, who was asst. principal. I was to head the Athletic Booster for 6 or 7 years and in early 2000, a Hall of Fame awards committee for previous star athletes was formed. Rich and I were instrumental in starting and managing the HOF and became good friends. He even got back into playing tennis which I had not done for quite a few years. We worked well together and he asked me to check out Rotary Club since I was interested in public service. At the time I was coaching youth baseball most of the year and working full time, so I was not available to consider Rotary.

In 2009, I stopped working and coaching baseball and became involved with Nancy Gordon taking care of the roses for the city along Shell Blvd. She promoted Rotary to me and since I now had time to do things, I visited the club meeting and was impressed with what they do. About one year later, I joined the Rotary club and have been very glad I did!

I have made many friends I have met at Rotary. In fact, most of the people I hang out with are from the club. I joined the bocce ball team in about 2015 and have formed close bonds with all of my teammates, include cruise travel, visitors to my summer house in Guerneville, dinners out with our wives and enjoying each other company as friends.

Rotary has also given me a sense of purpose and opportunity to provide to others in Foster City and elsewhere. Helping, install the playgrounds for the Yurok nation and Hoopi Valley Native American tribe was fulfilling and even got my wife interested in serving others, joined my at a playground installation and now has become a Rotarian. The meetings remind me how much good is and can be done by people like myself. I have some skills/duties that can help the club, like providing extra funds for club use, provided a video to make meetings a little more fun, getting a sound system for out new home at BJ’s. Also other projects like the community garden, concert food service in the summer in Foster City,