Grant Form



March 21, 2021

Dear Grant Applicant,


The Rotary Club of Foster City is seeking community organizations to apply for financial support through our Grant Application process. Applications are due by March 19, 2022 via email to: If you have questions, please email

Grants will be awarded for the 2021-2022 fiscal year beginning  April 30, 2022. Please submit ASAP, as grant applications may be considered after the due date with priority given to earlier submissions.

Proposals are reviewed under one of the four following areas: 

  • Community Service

  • Youth Service

  • Vocational Service

  • World Community Service

Attached is the grant application form.  A Grant Selection Committee will review your proposal, and a member of the Foster City Rotary Club may contact you for additional information.

Foster City Rotary looks forward to working with you in the future.




Curtis Chen

Foster City Rotary Club, President






Grant Requests Due: March 19, 2022


Submit to:


Name of requesting agency/organization

Specific Dollar Amount Applied for



Contact Person:









Name of Foster City Rotarian Advocate (if, any)



Describe your project, or use for the funds. Be as specific as possible.


Which area of focus will this project support?

Select at least one area. FC Rotary Club group projects into “Areas of Service”. Projects in these areas of service will be given priority in the approval process. It is also desired to support projects across all “Avenues of Service”.

Community Service – Projects and activities that improve life in the community.

Vocational Service – Encourage and foster high ethical standards in business and professions, and promote use expertise of vocations as an opportunity to serve society.

Youth Service – Supports the empowering of youth and young professionals through leadership development programs.

World Community Service – Projects to expand humanitarian reach around the globe and to promote world understanding and peace.

Name any partner organizations for this project (optional)


What is the goal of this project? Who/what will benefit, or be served by this project?


How will you measure your project’s impact?


How will Rotarians be involved in this project?


How will Rotary be identified for providing funding for this project?


Please provide contact info for person that will report progress and/or results to the club. We require a 2-3 min presentation to club members after completion of the project.









Describe sustainability of this project? Is this a stand-alone project, or continuing? Is there ongoing support for this project outside of Rotary?



If you do not receive assistance from the Foster City Rotary Club, how will this project be funded?