One of our favorite programs-SCHOLARSHIP DAY!  It was so good to have 4 out of our 5 Scholarship winners attend our annual luncheon this year.
This year's Scholars-from left to right-Phillip Kanke (LHS), Madeline Arm (Benton), Sarah Aebersold (St Joe Christian), Liam Huey (Leblond), Tia Mehreen (Central) not pictured. Each spoke about their High School journey and where they plan on attending next year.
We also inducted Dr. Susan Charles as our newest member this year.  Assistant Governor Eric McGuire (East) and Faye (Don) were our guests.  Two more local donations were presented.  SOA Brett did river trivia.  Thanks to Gabe for greeting and Don for invocation.  
Next week Lesile Prawitz with Robidoux Theatre