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We meet Tuesdays at 11:45 AM
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Our final meeting for the 2018-2019 year was yesterday, June 25th.  Thank you to our fellow Rotarian Alan for providing circus trivia and updating us on Scouts.  Martha Clark received the Award of Excellence for her efforts related to our Tree Project the past two years.  Don G received his PHF+1 and 6 other Rotarians received their first PHF.  The gavel was passed to 2019-2020 President Sara and her board was installed as our new officers.  Staci thanked her board and everyone for their time, talents, and $$$ this year along with a quick year in review.  Sara thanked Staci for her service and then announced our club, along with Southside and Eastside received our District Grants Award and discussed the fundraiser.  Along with Martha, Rotarian Alan from Trenton (Cody) was our guest.  Great finish to the 2018-2019 year.
One of our favorite programs-SCHOLARSHIP DAY!  It was so good to have 4 out of our 5 Scholarship winners attend our annual luncheon this year.
This year's Scholars-from left to right-Phillip Kanke (LHS), Madeline Arm (Benton), Sarah Aebersold (St Joe Christian), Liam Huey (Leblond), Tia Mehreen (Central) not pictured. Each spoke about their High School journey and where they plan on attending next year.
We also inducted Dr. Susan Charles as our newest member this year.  Assistant Governor Eric McGuire (East) and Faye (Don) were our guests.  Two more local donations were presented.  SOA Brett did river trivia.  Thanks to Gabe for greeting and Don for invocation.  
Next week Lesile Prawitz with Robidoux Theatre
The Aussies are here!  We had a great 3-club BBQ with the GSE team from Australia Sunday afternoon.  They are a very fun group, gave a great presentation, and we had around 50 Rotarians from all 3 clubs attend.  Monday morning they visited 4 schools and received a lot of good information of all the things the Teachers are doing for their students.  They got first hand information about our past district grants projects and also what their money they are donating for the global grant is going to do.  More good things are coming to the SJSD thanks to the Aussies and District 6040.  Thanks to Joan/John and Carlos/Carol for being host families again this year.  Check out the 2019 GSE photo album.
Next Meeting-April 9th at the Albrecht.
For the 3rd year in a row, our district grant project focused on helping children in our community with trauma.  This year we hosted a recertification seminar on Mar 27th at Stoney Creek.  Over 60 social workers, counselors, and people dedicated to this cause attended.  Several different school districts such as SJSD, Albany, and KC Schools attend, along with various organizations throughout Northwest Missouri.  Not only did several Rotarians from our club volunteer, but East Side and South Side too.  Jean West was the speaker who was very interactive with the group.  Many thanks to all who helped this year, especially Carmen, who for the past 3 years has lead the grant projects. Please check out our photo album for several pictures of the event.
It was a great day to be in St Louis Thursday-along with Eastside and Southside Rotary-we received one of the 2019 Missouri Arbor Award of Excellence sponsored by the Missouri Community Forestry Council for our Trees project last year.
The collective effort along with the partnerships with ForestReLeaf, City of St Joseph, Arborist Martha Clark, and our local MO Conservation Department lead to us being nominated.  We sat with the current President of the National Forestry Council and met several great people who work very hard for our state.
Thanks to Mary Beth, Doug, and Jodi who volunteered to read to the children at a local school of Feb 21st.  Each Rotarian read a book which was a challenge by our District this week to celebrate the 114th Birthday of Rotary.  #Rotary #District6040 #peopleofaction
107th years as Club 32!  It was a great day to honor the Veterans and Military who attended this year's Birthday Party.  Over 65 attendees with 20 being our honorees.  The luncheon started with Colonel Retired Jim Beesley and the Boy Scouts/Central Jr ROTC presenting the Colors/Flags.  Past President Jason Horn then introduced the honorees by Military Branch and then SOA Alan Franks led us with Veterans Day Trivia and giving away Boy Scout popcorn to our honorees.  Melissa Chestnut, our Speaker with Warriors' Best Friend-a Foundation based in Liberty, MO spoke about how the Foundation has now matched 22 service dogs with Veterans.  Melissa gave a very informative presentation with a video done by the KC Royals and we presented her with a check for $350.  Past President Christy Rippe closed our luncheon with a poem she wrote in honor of today. Everyone paused as Patrick Bracciano played Taps.  It was a great celebration.  Here are some pics-we have posted a Photo Album too.
Honorees attended include-Rotarians Bob, Louie, Jason, Jim R, Rodney, Ray, Ross, Terry, Judge Merrill Steeb, Staff Sgt Terry Snider, Dr.Bill Gondring, Jeff Whitehead, Darin Ramey, Michael Meierhoffer, Jerry Thornton, John Bigham, Jackie Ross, John Murawski, Alec Jennings (SS Rotary), Jim Beesley.  Additional guests included Karyn (Don),  Mrs. Moya (Carlos), Mrs. Gondring (Barb), Nita (Staci), Brian (Satelite), Tim (Lees Summit Rotary), Sue and LaDonna (DAR)
Thank you to the committee for all their work, the Benton Club, and our luncheon sponsors.  
No Rotary next week-see you Nov 20th-Dr. Marlie Williams from SJSD will be our speaker.   Nominations meeting will be at 11:15 on Nov 20th before the meeting.
What a great day to be a Rotarian!  65 Students attended this year Student Government day held at City Hall.  Four High Schools attended this year-Benton, Central, Lafayette, and St Joe Christian.  The day began with a visit to the Police station and then see the Sewer project/Drilling Tunnel.  The student then returned to City Hall and worked in their various city departments getting ready for the mock City Council meeting at 12:30.  Several Rotarians helped the students and served them a Hyvee Box Lunch.  During the City Council meeting, students worked on 7 proposed ordinances-ranging from CIP tax to a law prohibiting using hand-held devices while driving.  Each student received a Certificate and a 4-way test Rotary coin.  We received great local coverage from the Newspress, KNPG, and KQ2.  It was a great day and there was a lot of student engagement.  Thank you to the City staff and several Council members who where able to attend.  Can't wait till next year.  Please check out the Photo Album-several pictures.

#Rotary takes action to improve the lives of others, especially children. Like providing the training and equipment for educators in the St. Joseph, Missouri School District to help at-risk children manage traumatic experiences and focus on learning. Transforming lives in our communities - that’s what the St. Joseph Rotary Club does. We are #PeopleofAction.