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Dec 18, 2018
Holiday Luncheon
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Dec 25, 2018
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Jan 01, 2019
No Rotary Meeting-YE Break
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Feb 12, 2019
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Feb 19, 2019
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Feb 26, 2019
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Today was our Annual Meeting with lots of good information to talk about.  We started with great news-Dr Tim Curry received his PH +4 and Jean Brown received her PH+1.  We presented our Local Foundation Chair Julie W with a check for $3,000 so this group can begin work on the this year's scholarships. Brett K raised a good amount of money this week as SOA and Jean B announced the that we should bring a donation for Second Harvest next week at our Holiday Party.  
We called our meeting to order, Bob discussed our financials through Nov 30th.  We then announced the slate of officers and board for 2019-2020 and called for nominations from the floor.   Doug W said he would serve as Service Chair.  Jodi B made a motion to accept the candidates, Rodney H seconded and a vote of Yes was complete.
Jean West then announced the date of our District Grant Project-March 28th and discussed what would be done this year.  Carmen B then passed out signups for the project and would follow up with everyone after the break.
We are on track for the Presidential Citation, but Membership needs to be a priority-must have a net gain of 1 and a net gain of 1 Female members.  We have one member that is going to transfer to the Happy Hour Club in January.  Sara talked about next year-along with the other 2 St Joe Clubs will be applying for a Global Grant and the District Grant together to continue the efforts of helping children with Trauma in our community.  A good group of Rotarians from all 3 clubs are working on getting this started.  Staci attached a review of what has been done so far this year and what we will be accomplishing the rest of the year.  
Next week-our annual Holiday Party, please bring a guest and a donation for Second Harvest.
Our own Rotarian Louie DeLeon gave a great program today about the Middlemen in business and how to pick the right person for the job.  Louie is always engaging and even gave us some useful tools we may want to try when looking for a new employee.
Abe announced we raised over $4014 for The Salvation Army by ringing bells last Saturday.  We are also excited to announce we will have 3 new members of our Club soon-Cody O (Doug) and Tammy K (Jean) are sending in the applications shortly.  Brian Sears (below) is our newest member and will be a Satellite Club Member representing Club 32 at the Happy Hour Club-his induction was last night.  We are excited to see what Brian will do.
Next week at lunch is our annual meeting-lots of good things to talk about and the election of the new slate of officers.
Thank you to Dr. Marlie Williams and Carie Liles along with 3 Students-2 from Central and 1 from Benton that are in the SJSD Apprentice Program.  Local businesses are employing 12 students teaching them mechanical skills for employment to get a job right after graduation.  Industrial Maintenance Techs, Welders, and Precision Machinists are a few of the positions.  The program is in the Junior and Senior years.  Dr. Williams also showed a video they created educating the public about the program, in which SJSD is only one of two in the state.
Joan announced the sign ups for our Annual Salvation Army Bell ringing at Hyvee Dec 1st.  
Next week-Students from MWSU discussing their Downtown St Joseph Research project with Annette Weeks.
107th years as Club 32!  It was a great day to honor the Veterans and Military who attended this year's Birthday Party.  Over 65 attendees with 20 being our honorees.  The luncheon started with Colonel Retired Jim Beesley and the Boy Scouts/Central Jr ROTC presenting the Colors/Flags.  Past President Jason Horn then introduced the honorees by Military Branch and then SOA Alan Franks led us with Veterans Day Trivia and giving away Boy Scout popcorn to our honorees.  Melissa Chestnut, our Speaker with Warriors' Best Friend-a Foundation based in Liberty, MO spoke about how the Foundation has now matched 22 service dogs with Veterans.  Melissa gave a very informative presentation with a video done by the KC Royals and we presented her with a check for $350.  Past President Christy Rippe closed our luncheon with a poem she wrote in honor of today. Everyone paused as Patrick Bracciano played Taps.  It was a great celebration.  Here are some pics-we have posted a Photo Album too.
Honorees attended include-Rotarians Bob, Louie, Jason, Jim R, Rodney, Ray, Ross, Terry, Judge Merrill Steeb, Staff Sgt Terry Snider, Dr.Bill Gondring, Jeff Whitehead, Darin Ramey, Michael Meierhoffer, Jerry Thornton, John Bigham, Jackie Ross, John Murawski, Alec Jennings (SS Rotary), Jim Beesley.  Additional guests included Karyn (Don),  Mrs. Moya (Carlos), Mrs. Gondring (Barb), Nita (Staci), Brian (Satelite), Tim (Lees Summit Rotary), Sue and LaDonna (DAR)
Thank you to the committee for all their work, the Benton Club, and our luncheon sponsors.  
No Rotary next week-see you Nov 20th-Dr. Marlie Williams from SJSD will be our speaker.   Nominations meeting will be at 11:15 on Nov 20th before the meeting.
What a great day to be a Rotarian!  65 Students attended this year Student Government day held at City Hall.  Four High Schools attended this year-Benton, Central, Lafayette, and St Joe Christian.  The day began with a visit to the Police station and then see the Sewer project/Drilling Tunnel.  The student then returned to City Hall and worked in their various city departments getting ready for the mock City Council meeting at 12:30.  Several Rotarians helped the students and served them a Hyvee Box Lunch.  During the City Council meeting, students worked on 7 proposed ordinances-ranging from CIP tax to a law prohibiting using hand-held devices while driving.  Each student received a Certificate and a 4-way test Rotary coin.  We received great local coverage from the Newspress, KNPG, and KQ2.  It was a great day and there was a lot of student engagement.  Thank you to the City staff and several Council members who where able to attend.  Can't wait till next year.  Please check out the Photo Album-several pictures.

#Rotary takes action to improve the lives of others, especially children. Like providing the training and equipment for educators in the St. Joseph, Missouri School District to help at-risk children manage traumatic experiences and focus on learning. Transforming lives in our communities - that’s what the St. Joseph Rotary Club does. We are #PeopleofAction.

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