Support our Community and international Service projects with our Wine Raffle.
The Rotary Club of Edmonton South has been championing service projects for over 70 years. Projects that promote peace, fight disease, provide clean water, sanitation and hygiene, and education. We focus on youth, mothers with babies and the less fortunate. Every year our club holds fundraising events to support these endeavours in Edmonton and around the globe. With the current challenges presented by the covid19 pandemic, we cannot rely on our usual fundraising activities, but the need for our support is still present, so we have decided again to focus on this online fundraiser.
Funds raised from this online raffle will help us continue to support Local Community and International projects with a focus on youth, education and literacy and other emergent needs.
Please support the Rotary Club of Edmonton South “Start Your Wine Cellar” raffle for 60 bottles of wine (does not include shelves illustrated).