Posted on Aug 13, 2018
We had great speakers at our last 2 meetings!
On July 31st, Dr. Mikolaj Raszek, the founder and managing director of Edmonton-based Merogenomics Inc., delivered a fascinating talk on the medical benefits of genome sequencing and how it can be used in the areas of cancer screening, the study of hereditary and infectious diseases, prenatal screening, and much more. This is medical science as its most advanced, and the good news is that genome sequencing is available to the general public. Learn more at
On August 7th, Bean Gill, who, in 2012, suddenly became paralyzed by transverse myelitis, spoke about her journey to rebuild her life and regain her strength and also to become the cofounder of the ReYu Paralysis Recovery Centre, where individuals with spinal cord injuries and associated disorders engage in neurorecovery--exercises that retrain the nervous system and foster mobility. Check out Bean's story and the ReYu Paralysis Recovery Centre: