Posted on Apr 22, 2018
At our meeting last Tuesday, Svetlana Pavlenko was inducted into our club. We are delighted that she has chosen to join the Rotary family--and our club in particular. Svetlana is the Executive Director of the JDIC (Jewish) Seniors' Centre and has a wealth of expertise to draw upon as she takes part in the endeavours of Rotary.
We also want to thank Gem Munro for delivering a passionate talk about the Amarok Society, which he founded with his family. The Amarok Society teaches uneducated mothers, in the poorest areas of the world, so they, in turn, can teach their children and the children in their communities. It's not about building schools and libraries; it's about sustainable, cost-effective education. The teaching happens in houses, on rooftops . . . wherever the teachers and students have a space to teach and learn. Check out the website of the Amarok Society, and learn about its work and its impact--on mothers, on children, on the world. You'll see that, as the society's motto states, "If you teach a mother, you teach a family. If you teach five mothers, you teach a neighbourhood."