Posted on Oct 26, 2018

Back from a month-long journey in Russia, Paul Dusseault presents our club president, Cliff Neufeld, with "flags" from two Rotary clubs (a St. Petersburg club and a Kazan club) in Russia. When you're a Rotarian, you're welcome--in fact, more than welcome--to attend meetings of clubs in other countries. The exchange of flags is a token of friendship, and each club's flag is representative of some feature or aspect of the club, its city, or its country.

About that journey, Paul Dusseault and his wife (Cynthia, also a member of the Riverview club) travelled independently (not on a tour), learning a great deal about Russia, its people, and its history. Two members of the Kazan club even took an afternoon off work to show Paul and Cynthia some of the historic sights near Kazan, which is the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan. That's Rotary fellowship!

Paul Dusseault says, "Visiting clubs anywhere in the world is a great feature of Rotary. We think this type of people-to-people relationship building contributes to peace building by reducing mistrust and misinformation between people and nations. And by the way, go to Russia, it is amazing."