Changing the world, one meeting at a time.

Gord Sheppard joined us on Tuesday morning to share some valuable information about meetings and how we can all be a little more productive.  Gord loves awesome meetings and he isn't shy about sharing his positive and sometimes enbarrasing meeting experiences.  He has professionally facilitated, run & attended over 2000
meetings & wants to pass along his experience.  Gord built Create Awesome Meetings, the ultimate resource
to make your next meeting more productive & profitable. 
Please enjoy the 10 Ways To Create Awesome Meetings Checklist!
1. Get Real With Yourself
- How am I acting in the meeting?
- How do other people see me?
- What can I do to feel better about it?
2. Get Real With Your Team
- Ask how can we make this better?
- Tell them how you see them.
- Make real suggestions that inspire action!
3. Total Meeting Cost $
- Add up total $ per hour of participants.
- Is each person's time being well used?
- Can this meeting be more profitable?
4. Get a Great Facilitator
- How is our meeting leader doing?
- Do they need facilitation training?
- Should we hire a qualified facilitator?
5. Link Meeting to Strategy
- Help team understand the big picture.
- Tie this meeting to the big picture.
- Measure meeting impact on strategy.
6. Build an Awesome Agenda
- Consult with Team before meeting.
- Focus total time allowed per point.
- Add inspiration, quotes and fun.
7. Meeting in the Right Space
- Arrange space for an effective meeting.
- Where should each person sit?
- Need refreshments? Audio/Visual?
8. Get Awesome Resources
- Google seach "effective meetings"
- Books like "The Facilitator's Fieldbook"
9. Follow Up
- Consult with Team after meeting.
- Report on agenda item results.
- Show how meeting made a profit.
10. Take Action
- Take control of your own attitude.
- Inspire your team.
- Celebrate meeting achievement.
For more information or to book Gord, please call 780.906.1799 or email