A Riverview Rotary 2016-2017 Update

There is always a missing piece to my puzzles at home. I often try to fake it with a new piece I just drew on a post-it note, but I always get called out. Below are some points and information about the work at Riverview Rotary to help share the knowledge. Feel free to email us if you have any questions or simply seeking clarification.
President’s Report
 * Goal: 43 members     /     Actual 41 members
 * Foundation goal: $7000 US     /     Actual: $2070 US
 * Polio Plus goal: $1500 US     /     Actual: $1186 US
 * Committees
 * Stronger transition/continuity of Executive
 * Bylaw revision
What do membership dues cover?
 * International dues and district dues
 * Club supplies
 * Postage
 * District training
 * District conference costs for new members
 * President expenses for the RI Convention
 * Storage facilities
 * Guest meals
 * Advertising
 * Executive meeting expenses
 * Casino funds  - Restricted Funds
 * Largest fundraiser
 * Covers Operation Friendship meals
 * School programs like Voyageur and Rocky Mountain Experience
 * Donations to Charitable organizations
 * The Grey Cup pool ticket funds are also restricted funds
 * Scholarships
 * Ryla and Rypen conference fees
Other fundraising – Non Restricted
 * Funds are generated with
 * Grocery Cards
 * 50/50 draw
 * Sergeant fines
 * Murder Mystery
 * Funds are used for
 * Belize Playground
 * High School Model United Nations
 * School Breakfasts and Dinners
 * Travel costs for Ryla and Rypen conferences
 * other projects
Riverview Rotary Fundraising Events & Rotary Activities 2016
 * Murder Mystery
 * Operation Esperanza
 * High School Model United Nations (HSMUN)
 * Delton School Learning Dinner
 * Ronald McDonald House Dinner
 * Voyageur Norwood School
 * Voyageur Delton School
 * RYLE Leadership
 * Scotch Mist
 * Rocky Mountain Trip with Norwood School
 * Rocky Mountain Trip with Spruce Avenue School
 * Casino
 * Delton School Welcome BBQ
 * Norwood Breakfast
 * Rocky Mountain Experience
 * Esperanza Auction
 * Ecuador Playground