Posted on Apr 07, 2019
Our Rotary district and the Rotaract club at Concordia University hosted Paul Chappell (he's 4th from the left, in the back row) on Saturday to deliver the workshop "Inspire Peace: A New Peace Paradigm and Skill Set." (Visit, Rotaractors, and members of the broader community attended. There were many takeaways and we were all given much to ponder--about the non-physical needs of human beings, about reality and virtual reality, about building community, about building shared trust, about aggression, and ultimately about what comprises peace. Chappell ended on the note that "Evil is caused by taking the easy path." For Rotarians and Rotaractors, that's an important message that many of us already take to heart. As "People of Action," we need to take risks and seek to effect change, or peace will be unattainable.