Rotary Club of Edmonton Gateway


Macambucine School Multi-Purpose Hall, Mozambique

Owner: Lorne Parker
Construction of the Macambucuine (Mozambique) School high school wing, which will allow students to complete grades 1 - 12 in their village, has commenced. Adding the high school block will bring the overall student population to approximately 2,000 students. The project, funded by the Edmonton Gateway Rotary Club since 2006, has seen the school population grow from 300 elementary students to a current population of approximately 1,700 students. These students are now receiving an education in three fully furnished classroom blocks, a computer lab equipped with 25 laptops and a library. The high school wing will not only provide classroom space for the senior students, but also serves as a community gathering area for the members of the village and allow us to expand the evening adult learning classes.
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