Current Service Projects
Current Service Projects Rotary Skyline is Involved With
  • Rotary Global Grant #GG1751513 in the amount of $83,453 was co-submitted by Rotary Skyline and Rotary Club of Leogane, Haiti. Led by Skyliner Vicki Brentin.
2. Rotary Skyline Rebuilds Houston Post-Hurricane Harvey 
  • Clean Water for Puerto Rico:  Project has distributed (as of May 2018) almost 10,000 Sawyer water filter systems (including 20+ “Inline filters” intended for commercial/institutional use) to desperate families, schools, clinics and community organizations across Puerto Rico following Hurricanes Irma and Maria. Led by Skyliner Vicki Brentin.
  • Rotary 5890 Multi-Club Harvey Donor Advised Fund Grant: Under the leadership of Skyliner and District 5890 Disaster Recovery Chair Vicki Brentin, District 5890 recently received a $75,000 grant from the Harvey Donor Advised Fund for the purpose of helping families impacted by Harvey.  Over 12 clubs in District 5890 are participating in this project including Rotary Skyline, West U Rotary, Bellaire/SW Rotary, Katy Rotary, Bear Creek-Copperfield, Cy-Fair Rotary, Harrisburg Rotary, Northshore Rotary, Wharton Rotary, 288 Corridor Rotary, Memorial Spring Branch Rotary, Kingwood Rotary, and the Carnegie H.S. Interact Club.
    Funds are helping families with building materials and/or repair to their homes, purchase of household appliances for the kitchen or laundry, mattresses, furniture and/or essential household items. 
  • Adoption of Families Post-Hurricane Harvey: Rotary Skyline adopted two families in need led by Skyliners Ed Pettitt/Vicki Brentin and Melissa Williams. From helping meet immediate initial needs post-hurricane, to connecting to resources, to now assisting in meeting longer term needs, Rotary Skyline is profundly impacting our adopted families' lives.
3. Haiti  Bio Medical Equipment Repair & Training  
  • a vocational training program training Haitians to repair the thousands of pieces of medical equipment  in hospitals and warehouses with no one to diagnose or repair the equipment. 
  • Funded through Rotary's Donor Advised Fund


4. Rotary Global Grant for Multan, Pakistan Hospital. Through Skyliner D'Lisa Simmons, Rotary Skyline is helping the support the $48,500 grant to fund the following at the MFR Hospital include: install solar power generation system,  temperature controlled environment for lab and pharmacy, provide the lab facility with some new diagnostic equipment, and instal a new x-ray unit in dental department.


5. Sponsor Club of Interact Club of Carnegie Vanguard High School. Led by Skyliner Meghan Lutschg.

Recent Service Projects of Rotary Skyline
1. Spring Forward Day 2018 (Feb. 3, 2018) @ Piney Point Elementary School
3. Supported Revive to Survive's Mistical Dinner Dance (March 17, 2018) that raised $35,073. Skyliners purchased a $1,200 table. Skyliner Corbett Parker emceed. Board member Dilanka Seimon was instrumental in organizing.