Our Rotary Club decided today at the meeting that the Friday, November 2, 2018 meeting will be moved to the Blackhawk Automotive Museum to attend the RICK KING TRIBUTE DINNER.  Dinner will start at 7:30 pm and Reception will be at 6:00 pm.  The dinner will feature 6 Past Rotary World Presidents and the current Rotary International President Barry Rassin.  The dinner will be $150 each, with $50 going toward The Richard D. King Presidential Endowment Fund for Rotary Peace Center, which will be used to fund Rotary Peace Fellows to study peace and conflict resolution at one of the 7 universities approved by Rotary throughout the world.  Our club anticipates subsidizing some of the cost for those members who are going to attend and will decide on the amount at the next board meeting.  I attach the Flyer for the event and a list of our club members who have signed up to attend.  It would be great if all of you could attend as this is a fellowship for our club and to experience the internationality of Rotary as we gather together with the 7 Rotary World Presidents and other World Rotary Leaders who are in attendance.  It qualifies as a District Event for new or newer club members.  The capacity is 450 and we only have rooms for 20 more.  Therefore, if you want to sign up, please email me at sundevil1987@gmail.com or call me.  Many thanks for your support.