This week we had our first introduction to Mikkel, our exchange student from Denmark. He will make his official club presentation in September.
The Buzz – August 22, 2016
President Dan opened the meeting at 12:10pm.
Special guests – Dawn welcomed Mikkel, exchange student from Denmark, Mustafa past RYE student
Health of the Club – no report
 Community Registration night is set for Sept. 8 – looking for a few volunteers to man the booth, explain Rotary to the community, and with any luck attract new members.
2016/17 Budget – Dan presented the budget for approval. The budget is showing a deficit, but we have reserves and a casino volunteer date for the next year.
NOTICE OF MOTION: that the 2016/17 budget be approved as presented.
Motion by Dawn. Seconded by Tony.
Club vote will be held on August 29th.
Happy Bucks – Thanks Carman and Kim for taking charge of welcoming and happy bucks
Program – Club Assembly
                Youth Services – Dawn added that with the Youth budget (if approved) will enable plenty of activities for the youth of Camrose.
Club Service  - Tina reported that as the result of Rotary International’s Council on Legislation, our club needs to examine our Bylaws and see how we can incorporate many of the changes approved from the Council. She is looking for some extra help – especially from more experienced Rotarians – to review and propose changes to our bylaws.
                                -the Rotary Cares raffle license has been submitted (the earliest ever!) therefore we can expect to receive tickets in September.
                                -Rotary Gala will not be meeting as much as it did in past years – the biggest challenge is in collecting items for Live and Silent auction items. Dawn and Dan will co-chair the event, with leads for each of the areas. Guide books have been prepared for each of these areas.
                Community Services – Sheila reported that the excess from the Stop Hunger Now program will be used as seed money for a joint Rotary project with the Daybreak club.  Another $4,500 from SHN was also donated to the Neighbor Aid (Camrose Food Bank).
                Membership – Jenn was unavailable for this meeting. August is membership month.
                Foundation – Roy was unavailable for the meeting, however, he asked for assistance with the Tanzania clinic project as his current life situation is making it difficult to dedicate the time and energy needed to bring the project to a successful completion.
                There was also extensive discussion regarding the timing of meetings, and the ongoing problem where the time dedicated to the business of the club takes away time allocated for our guest speakers. From this discussion we have the following take-aways:
-Dawn would appreciate as much input as possible regarding speakers for our meetings.
-While it is tempting to downplay speakers in the summer because of lower attendance, removing the program from the summer meetings turns the Rotary Club of Camrose into a social lunch and not a club meeting. While the recent council on legislation does allow for a varied meeting schedule, eliminating the speakers does not solve the timing problem.
-President Dan will strive for he following timings: the “Call to Order” bell will be run promptly at 1145. Business portion of the meeting (introductions, announcements and Happy Bucks) will start at 1210pm. The speaker will be introduced at 1230, giving those 20 minutes to present.
Next Meeting: Monday, August 29th at 1145am in the Regal II room of the Camrose Resort Casino.
Guest Speaker/Topic: 2016 Terry Fox Run
Greeters/Judges: Roy Wallace and Jim Rasmussen