2019-01-28 Rotary Buzz – Club Assembly 
Ted opened the meeting at 11:45 am. We did our best to sign O Canada and the Rotary Grace but we were missing our strongest singers! 
Health of the Club – Paul Pedersen reported that Ken Drever may be in hospital but he has not confirmed that.  Otherwise we are all good!
Happy Bucks – Dan M had a week off to spend in Medicine Hat, and also to renovate the last of his 3 bathrooms.  Dawn A is also completing renos in preparation to list her house for sale.  Lou H had a birthday on the week end and celebrating by throwing axes (but not at Morris).  Ted G is back from a fantastic vacation in Mexico.
Rotary Cares – Ticket sales for 2019 are finished, with 23 tickets unsold.  Gross proceeds will be $27,700, $12,000 to be given away as prizes so net will be $15,700. Proceeds go towards funding our annual donations to the Air Cadets and Army Cadets. 
Announcements and Committee Updates:
  • Our 2 Rotary Clubs are planning activities to celebrate Rotary Day.
    • The committee is organizing a social evening at the Bailey Theatre on Saturday, Feb 23. There is a Rose City Roots performance that night featuring Red Moon Road. We will be pre-selling tickets so start lining up your friends to come out, enjoy some music, and celebrate Rotary.  We will update you on the rest of the plans next week.
    • We also want to celebrate Rotary in Camrose by doing a community project.  We feel that the Food Bank could use some donations in February so we plan to distribute brown bags in a neighbourhood on Saturday Feb 23 and pick them up (filled) on Wednesday Feb 27.  More details on that to follow next week as well.
  • Gala Update – Dawn will be contacting those who volunteered last year to confirm their participation this year.  Gala Dinner and Auction is planned for April 27 at the Best Western Camrose Resort Casino
    • Dan will do the Live Auction. 
    • Dawn will continue to lead the Gala committee even though her new job in Red Deer will keep her busy
    • Dawn is coordinating the Silent Auction and has already begun collecting prizes. 
    • Florence will lead the decorating team, and Shirley will work her magic on the displays
    • Please start lining up your guests and get your tickets from Dawn or Dan.
  • Kiva Update – Ted brought us up to date on our lending activities over the past few months.  We received $144 credit from loan repayments and refunds.  We made new loans totaling $190, utilizing the credit plus some more funds from our budget.  To date we have spent about half of our current year budget of $1,000.  The loans we chose to support were for fertilizer, a water tank, a woodworking business.  To date since we first started Kiva financing we have made 32 loans in 14 countries.
  • End Polio Oil Kings Hockey Game on Feb 18 – Dawn Anderson has offered to drive up to 9 people to the hockey game.  Tickets are $25 with $7 going to End Polio Now.  Contact Dawn if you want tickets and a ride.
  • Wine and Appetizers gathering at the Roberts’ home this coming Saturday Feb 2.  Bring a bottle of wine and/or an appetizer to share. Anytime after 7 pm until Marnie kicks you out.
  • Review of Charitable Gaming Policies – AGLC has started a review with an online survey sent to all groups who have had gaming licenses.  Next step will be public consultations later in 2019.  Our Club has expressed interest in being part of the review committee.  Lou H reported that possibly the letter-writing campaign which our Club initiated is responsible for, or at least helped to speed up. the review process. Ted kindly thanked Lou for her work.
  • Global Grant Scholarship Presentation next week – Lou reported that Kassia Fardoe, a young lady who has been an exemplary volunteer for Rotary, is looking for a club to sponsor her studies with a RI Global Grant Scholarship. She and past DG Laura Morie will be our guest speakers next week.  Please come out to hear Kassia’s story and consider how Rotary’s sponsorship will be beneficial to all concerned.
Notice of Motion:
Kim Boyco explained that we received a District Grant for $2,996 this year, which was to be used for the Jamaica Incubators project.  After applying for the District Grant the International Projects committee decided to apply for a Global Grant.  We are not allowed to use the District Grant for a project funded by a Global Grant.  However, the District is open to allowing us to re-allocate the grant to another project, perhaps something local.  We must match the grant funds with club funds.
We discussed using the grant to help with the cost of replacing the Rotary Park Sign now that the bridge construction is complete.  While the sign design and total cost is not known, it is thought to be upwards of $10,000.  If the Club contributes $3,000 to match the District Grant of $2,996, then we hope the City will pay most or all of the additional funds required.
Notice of Motion (to be voted on next week):
Moved by Kim Boyco, seconded by Dawn Anderson that a request be submitted to the District Grants committee that funds in the amount of $2996.00 from our 2018/2019 District Grant be reallocated to a local Camrose project, specifically to replace the Rotary Park sign, on the understanding that funds from the grant are to be matched by an equal amount from club proceeds as per grant rules.
Rotary Cares:  January’s winner is Michelle Majeski Camrose, ticket #043 sold by Dawn Anderson
50/50 - $144 – Dan Macpherson drew the Queen of Spades.
  • Meeting adjourned at 1:00 pm.
  • Next meeting - Noon Meeting, February 4, 2019, 11:45 am.
  • Kassia Fardoe and Laura Morie
  • Topic – Global Grant Scholarship to support Kassia to study